Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Round Up: Cattle Work

Our Round Up started early Saturday morning where friends and family joined together to watch and join in on rounding up our calves for branding, immunizations and ear tagging. 

This is how it went....

My girl Daisy and I.

I showed the kids how sweet and friendly she is. 

We had her and her calf in the new corral for the guests to come visit and pet.

Folks enjoyed coffee, pastries and Bloody Mary's (or as the cowboys call them...Vampires!)

Aunt Cathy enjoying a Vampire.

The round up begins!

The cows were led into corrals.

The cows were separated from the calves in order to process efficiently.  The cows needed new ear tags, so the whole herd went through the shoot to take off the old tags and add the new.  

The calves are too small for the shoot so they are led into a small corral where the cowboys lasso the calf to the ground and hold it down to protect the  cowboy's who are giving the immunizations, ear tags and branding.

For the safety of the calf and the cowboy we have a lot of hands to help.

Vic tried out his cowboy abilities...

I won't mention if he got this little one down or not...

Gaby, one of the cowgirls, tried her strength at wrestling a calf.

She succeeded with a little help!

Some of our treasured friends and family watching the cowboys work.

My best friend from high school, Cindy, who probably won't be happy I put her her beautiful face in this post, but I love her, so I had to!

Papa Ron trying his hand at ear tagging.

Cowboys preparing for the next cow to come into the shoot.

Darn cute kids!

Vic getting ready for another calf.

My good friend, Nicole, decided to put her nursing skills to use and immunize a calf. 

Brave girl! 

She did great for her first time!

She will be coming back next year!

Tanner...the only boy brave enough to try out his cowboy skills.

Way to go Tanner!

He did a great job at getting the calf down.

 Tanner held her down while the cowboys ear tagged her.

I love this picture!

Vic showed Tanner how to give the shot and what a great job he did!

I like this cowboy!

Thanks to cowboy Darren, one of our band members, for helping out with the round up!

Holding the calf's legs properly to prevent getting kicked is important for the safety of the cowboys.

Branding is an old tradition that cowboys and ranchers have done for decades  to identify the owner.

Bob and Ann having a great time watching the cowboys work.

The crowd watching.

My cute cowgirl sister-in-law, Lisa, talking to the kids.


Trent, Brad and Michelle

We had a great morning watching the cowboys work. They did a great job and we are very appreciative of their hard work!

 I will be posting scenes throughout the week of the entire event. 

Check back for more!


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