Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Growing Alfalfa: Update

They said he couldn't do it...

They said the equipment would cost too much.
[He found old equipment and fixed it]

They said nothing would grow where he wanted to plant it.
[He planted the seed anyways]

They said there wasn't enough water.
[He put the sprinklers in and watered]

They said there's no way you will get that old baler to work.
[He got 33 bales out of the first cutting] 

This is how it went....

 The cowboys ran the baler for the first time today.
Vic and the cowboys worked on it for a week, taking it apart piece-by-piece and reassembling it with new fittings or parts to get it running.

Whatever they did...it worked!

 It may not seem monumental to some, but for those who know how much it costs to feed livestock, then you can understand how great it is to grow the feed yourself.

This shows the baler picking up the cut piles of alfalfa.
Once it's picked up, the cuttings are fed into a track where it forms the bale and places the wire straps on the bale.

This is the formed and wired bale!

As the cuttings are forced into the track, as I call it, the bales are formed and pushed out onto the ground.

This is the bale being pushed out.

Getting closer. 

I'm watching Vic during this process and he has a big smile on his face.

 There she goes~

Very Nice!

 The next one is almost ready.

Funny how a bunch of piles makes a guy really happy.

See the happiness.

Smelling the success.

Tasting the success. Haha...

Pit-stop to check the wire breakage.
Old wire was the culprit.

Now he's planning to prepare and plant more fields at the end of summer.

A trailer full of gold...alfalfa!

33 bales...whoo hooo!


papifrank said...

Conga rats! Now you can feed 2 teenagers for 3 weeks!

kkp1220 said...

Your pictures are sooooo good;-0

backcountrybelle said...

Thanks KP! I love to hear your thoughts!

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