Monday, May 16, 2011

Cowboy Vic Gets His Braces Off

Ahhh, the relief of getting braces off!

For those of you that didn't know Vic had them on, he did. He had them put on for the second time in his lifetime only after our family's orthodontist, Dr. Fenderson, told him that if he didn't get braces on to fix the problems, and wear a night guard to prevent further grinding, he would have nubs for teeth!


We sat together in the consultation room for braces, we were going over the cost and trying to make a decision on whether or not to put the braces on when the doctor came in and said...

"This might help make your decision," he handed Vic a mold of teeth from an older patient of his. We looked at the mold and saw there were NO teeth left! The teeth were nearly gum chompers because the patient had ground his teeth to nothing! Yikes!

"You're getting them on!" I yelped.

 [I did marry him remembering that I vowed in sickness and health and that includes NO TEETH too but come on! If you can prevent nubs or stubs or gummies, I'm all for it.]

Vic agreed without hesitation. 

Dr. Fendi is an unbeilievable ortho with state of the art equipment and we felt confident that he could accomplish what he said he could.

His plan was to pull up the bottom teeth to expose more of the tooth, that way it wouldn't look quit so worn. He also fixed the overbite that developed after NOT wearing his retainer when his first set of braces came off back in highschool.  

Here we are one year later and he's ready to get them off!

What a guy, how many men would let their wives come into their appointment and take pictures? Vic, that's who. We had such a great time there, we didn't want to leave. All of the girls working on patient's teeth were laughing and talking. We had a good-ol-time making fun of Vic too.

Sophi loves going to the Dr. Fendi's office too as she gets spoiled rotten by everyone there. Her feet never touch the ground, she leaves with a sucker drooling out of her mouth, a granola bar in her pocket and her own junior sized water bottle to take along in the car.

Dr. Fenderson strong-arms Vic into the chair, tips the chair nearly upside down to really get the blood flowing into Vic's head, and says "You Ready Now?" 
[Just Kidding]

One-by-one each brace gets snapped off.

The last of the brackets are clipped.

There you have it, wire removed!

Dr. Fendi adorns Vic and himself with protective eye-wear, so that they can look extra handsome for me and all of the staff, then he began polishing off the glue to show off Vic's pearly whites!

What a great day for Vic, his teeth look great, feel a little slimy, and the best part...he get's to wear a retainer the rest of his life.

The best part for me, he will have teeth when he's 50 or 60, and when he's 70, I probably won't care. Hopefully mine will still be around!


cari said...

Love how close you got photos :-) Just in time for the Ho Down!!!

rmg said...

Yah!!! one question....who is Vic??? :)

Carly said...

Love the fact that you took pictures of the whole thing!! Too funny! :)

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