Monday, April 11, 2011

Watching Dad Work

We have been busy the last couple weeks getting ready for our upcoming Round Up!

It's is amazing the amount of work it takes to have a gathering. This year our "gathering" has grown to more of a party, on second thought, it's more of a community event! 

Vic invited nearly everyone he knows, he's that kind of guy.

We have so many projects going on here at the ranch in order to pull off this big event, so Sophi and I went out looking for our hard-working man/daddy to see what we could do to help.

This is how it went....

Down the driveway we went. Sophia has now taken up running while I'm behind with the stroller toting the essentials...sippy-cup, fruit snacks and my trusty camera.

No better time than the present to tell a 2 year old to stop running and pose for a picture.  She loves me.

Nice hip action she threw into the pose.

(Oh Dear Lord thank you for this angel from heaven.)

OK I'm back, I had to drool over the sight of my child for a brief moment.

Where is Dad/Vic?

Oh there he is! Hiding from us or maybe trying to give me a heart-attach!

He is inside our new Fire Pit...Pot thing.

Pretty cool. 

Vic and his Dad have a friend that makes these pots and many other 

This would be one of them.

I like it too.

This is another...


This one happens to be a GIANT - HEAVY bird bath!

Tweety should be quite happy in this one. 

This bird bath made Vic's dad's heart skip-a-beat, he had to have it.

I didn't know he liked birds that much.

It's made of old recycled parts from everything you can imagine.

More yard art.

This one is even bigger! Vic found a guy who had these old mining buckets for sale. He just had to have 2 of them! 

I think a new pair of shoes would have been nice.

I did get to put my 2 cents in on where they (there's another shorter version of this bucket) were to be placed.  

The original location Vic and his dad chose seemed out of place. Not that there is a correct place for a GIANT 8 foot bucket, but I think this guy looks better where we put it.

Sophi steered clear of the tractor and all of the moving yard art.

Tough day watching Dad work!

She definitely has her posing moves down!
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