Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ranch Project

Teaching Daisy's calf, Daisy May, to love "people" is a project of mine.

I asked Vic if we could build some small corrals to put Daisy and her calf in so that it would be easy for me to work with the new calf and get her used to people.

This is how it went....

Vic decided the new corrals would be placed between two pastures and under the old cottonwood trees for shade.

The holes were dug for the main structure.

Not much room left in the stroller for Sophi but she was happy to be on a walk to check out what was going on with her dad and the cowboys.

Vic planned out the details of the corrals so the cowboys could get the posts cemented in.

Remember those holes? They are all filled in and the corrals are done.

Vic built two large corrals that feed into two smaller stalls where I can have easy access and easy reach to Daisy and her calf.  Since Daisy loves having her ears and back scratched, my plan is to have her calf in the stall next to Daisy where it can get used to interacting with me.

We'll see how it goes.

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