Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Prom Question

Last night I found myself going out to the garage to rummage through the chest freezer to find a bag of frozen corn for dinner.  I was minding my own business and probably daydreaming about what I had to do next on my list. I saw the big broom sitting to the side of the freezer and even thought to myself why is that there?  Somehow, the 2 or 3 feet distance I had to walk between the freezer and the broom suddenly seemed like inches and I stepped on the edge of the broom. 

What does a broom do when you step on it just right? Let me tell ya...the handle violently strikes at you like a rattle snake and smacks you upside the face!

I want to say that someone pushed me into that broom and that's how I stepped on it but that's not true.  After grabbing my nose, wondering if I broke it and holding back the tears, I finally composed myself and pushed that broom handle back against the wall...that way the next time I go out there I can do it all over again! 

I really need to go move it.

I went inside to check out the damage on my nose and sure enough I had grown an acorn on the side of my nose. Great, just great! I thought to myself at least I'm home and no one is planning on coming over tonight. Whew.

After dinner was over and the family was done feeling sorry for me, I received a phone call from one of my daughter's girl friends.

"Hi! Mrs. BackCountryBelle, one of our guy friends, JJ, would like to ask your daughter to Prom and we wanted to permission to drive out to your house so that he can ask her."  

My first answer should have been absolutely. Instead, all I could think of was "how old is he...what year?"  (I should get the Dumb Mom of the Year award for that one.)  Our daughter is a Sophomore and I was a bit concerned, what can I say...I'm protective over my cubs.

When the plans were set, I hung up the phone and remembered that I had a swollen nose and my eye was probably black by that point. So much for no one coming over tonight!

Our daughter got home from practice, trying to keep things "on the quiet" proved to be very hard for our family.  Everyone had half smiles and would even start to laugh knowing the doorbell was going to ring and our daughter had no idea what was going on.  Every time someone would laugh they would blurt out they were laughing at me and my nose! So it worked out!

The DOORBELL rang!

 Our daughter was already in bed for the night and I went down to her room to tell her the door was for her.  "What, who is it mom?" Making up a quick story, I said, "It's the neighbor's daughter and she needs some homework help." "Mom! I'm in bed already!" she said. I thought quickly and blurted out "It will only take a second she said she had one math question." "Oh alright," she said  sounding exhausted.

She opened the front door and there written on the porch floor in red rose pedals was... P R O M ?

She was confused, embarrassed, and surprised as 6 kids popped out of the shrubs and onto the porch.  JJ came out of the group and walked up to her and handed her 2 dozen roses and asked if she would go to prom with him.

Ahhhh, how cute is that?

She said....YES!

Now the fun begins...shopping for the dress!


cari said...

What a cute way to ask!!...the boys always stress about having to be super creative! I love this..simple yet meaningful!! ps...I hope your nose is okay!! hilarious story!!

Judie said...

Cant wait to see the dress!

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