Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mama Worked With The Cowboys

Early this morning, when I was still asleep and happily counting sheep, I awoke to the alarm and my loving husband, Vic, reminding me that I had better get up to go count cows and catalog them.

I forgot.

It was my bright idea to herd all of the cows, visually check their ear tags/numbers and take pictures of all of the mama cows and their new calves for my new cataloging system.


I decided it would be really cool to get a new color for our cattle's ear tags too.  We had run out of the old yellow tags and it was time to reorder.

Mmmm... what is the best color?

PINK of coarse!

Vic wasn't feeling it at first, but after I talked him into hot pink he thought it was kind of funny.

"We will be the only ranch from here to Texas that has hot pink ear tags!" he said.

"Perfect! I ordered them.

This is how my day went....

Sophi watched me count, catalog and take pictures of our herds out of the back of the Ranger.

Someone else likes pink too!

The cowboys separated the cows and calves by type: Longhorn or Black Angus.

The Longhorns were photographed first.

Ahhh aren't they cute~!

Next the Angus.

We have nice cows who like their pictures taken.

Sophi and her baby had a nice time waiting for mom to finish her work.

What good girls!

All done.

Tags are in! Here's what they look like.

I Like them. :)

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