Thursday, April 21, 2011

John Deer Makes Debut

Oh MacDonald Had A Farm
Farmer Vic is a happy Chick!

Farmer Vic got his old John Deere up and running.

Remember I told you about Vic having a dream of growing his own alfalfa for our cows and horses? He found the equipment, prepped a test-field and planted the alfalfa...

Today his John Deere Swather was fired up and the alfalfa had its first cutting.

This is a quick view of how it went....

Funny what makes a man happy. mmmnn.

(This picture makes me happy.)

I'm not an expert in tractors, alfalfa, hay, cuttings and such...
ask me about hair products for curly hair, or about teenagers, or 2 year olds, or  cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping, makeup, nail-care, then I can give you my opinion.

I'm not an expert, but what I can say about this's a pile of cut alfalfa mixed with some weeds. Now we are all educated.

 And here's the alfalfa after the swather "swathered" it. Is swathered a word?'s a picture of the side of a swather! 


.....if you are a guy, or a farmer, or someone who really digs equipment.

So there you have it, Vic's really cool swather worked and he's happy so I'm happy.

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