Thursday, April 21, 2011

Eggs and Bubbles

I surprised Sophi with an Easter Egg PAAS coloring set.
Of coarse she had no idea what it was for but she liked it none the less.

This is how it went.... 

I love those little hands, they make my heart melt.

Oh, back to our day....

We started with brown hard-boiled eggs, never tried brown before, but that's all I had on hand.

I like these plastic-pool-like egg cups they didn't tip with a two year old hands reaching in and out.

I ran into the house to get something and when I came back out, Kingo, our attention starved dog, came to see what was going on at our table for two.

It's probably just me, because I'm the parent, but I can't get over how cute this is with her hand gently holding his face.

Sophi mesmerized him into plopping right down next to her and she continued the pets with her foot. 

This picture is priceless, to me.

OK, back to the egg coloring once and for all...already!

The wire egg dipper was pretty useless but she had fun trying to fish the egg out.

I cant get enough of her!

We are done with the Camo dye, they don't really look too Camouflagey.

She counted them, 1,2,3,7,13, then moved on to her bubbles.

We are still learning our numbers.

Bubbles are a big business....when are they going to make some that BLOW everytime?  Ours even said SUPER MAGIC BUBBLES.
Took me forever to get them to work!

Keep Trying!

They finally worked!

The end to a perfect day.

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