Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Happenings

We had a great Easter yesterday filled with family, candy, food, egg coloring, great conversation, kids running around everywhere and sweet treats that we all swore we wouldn't eat for fear of wrecking our diets...but we did anyways.

My Easter morning started with the sweets sounds of Sophi saying "wake up mommy-wake up!"  Shortly thereafter my lovely Grams, who spent the night with us, woke up and came out to the kitchen to greet us with her sweet smile.  She was happy to have had an opportunity to come up to the ranch, at 87 years old you never know when it's your last time for something she always says.

I planned on taking some great family photos with my Grams but the wind was pretty feirce and the cold was too much for her. Plus I didn't think the black ear-muffs she was wearing would look to hot in the photos!

The big girls weren't interested in pictures either, instead they decided to share their sisterly love and spring into an argument amongst one another over a belt one of them was wearing without asking the other! 

Uggg, are you kidding me...on Easter and in front of your GREAT-Grandmother? 

After that episode, I didn't want to take any pictures of them! So there girls! 20 years from now you are going to wonder where your 2011 Easter pictures are and I will remind you of your battle, if I remember. 

How old will I be in 20 years? Lets not go there.

Sophi was a good girl so she got some photos!

She loved her Easter basket.

Still in her PJ's and happy as can be with her basket.
"why egg in gra (grass) mommy?" She wondered why there were eggs hidden around the front yard? 

At the Easter party the kids colored some eggs together.

My mom made her famous green chili burros.

We worked together assembly-line-style and made about 48 for my mom's little family get together.

One of the best parts of our Easter party was the delicious handmade treasures my sister, Heather, made for all of us to enjoy!  They were so beautiful it was hard to bite into one. She is so talented at making cookies for any occasion, go check out her vintage inspired cookie blog.

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