Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The two short legged boys, Jack and King, stink!

I'm not sure if it was the skunk they chased after, the cow poop they love to roll in or a combination of the two...but they stink from a mile away.

Sophia and I were outside playing the game, Blongo, trying to hang the stringed balls on the rungs and playing "drive the car" when the boys kept coming over to get a pat on the head.

Uggg they STINK, STANK and STUNK!

We decided they could play with us and their reward was a good-ol-washing!

This is how it went....

Sophi filled up the bucket.

This was our Blongo play area turned into a sort of obstacle course for the dogs.

To play with us: Jack had to go over the bar.  Although...he chose to go under, his legs are short, it's a better choice for him.

He's not looking to happy about this, but he did it, and Sophi laughed watching him.

OK, so we over-did-it making him get into the car for a 


He loved every minute of the attention.

Jack enjoyed the back massage too!

Jack did it!

 Well he attempted to jump over but decided standing on the bar was more fun!

Sophi stirred up the bubbles telling him to "comeeer Jack-Jack" as she says it.

He wasn't budging.

In the tub he went, and he liked it! 

So did Sophi, though I think she liked it more than he.

She laughed and laughed.

She laughed some more.

Jack was patient.

Jack was happy.

Jack never tried to get out.

Jack might not have been so happy with bubbles on his face.

But he let Sophi do whatever she wanted.

Maybe he was pretending to have fun?

I wiped off the bubbles.

Thought he would jump out.

He didn't.

Guess he liked it.

Jack is a trooper.

Jack likes attention, any form he can get.

All done.

Happy as a lark.

We tried to get King to join the fun...

He ran off.


cari said...

OMG...I cannot wait til May 21st to get up there :) I wanna hire you as my photographer!!!

Judie said...

Sophie looks like she really knows what she is doing.

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