Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Working Hard or Hardly Working

Sophia worked hard today...

She figured out how to open an umbrella, work on a fence, check the gates, check on the cows and split logs.

Mom learned her new camera.

This is how it went....

I pumped up Sophia to get her excited about getting in the ranger and driving down to take pictures of her, because she is so darn cute and I needed to learn some settings on my camera.  

The umbrella was new and exciting and really kept her attention.  For about 2 seconds!

In those 2 seconds, I was able to get a few good shots.

Then I brought out the ammunition, candy!

Keep smiling little one, more candy where that came from.

I only had to give her one more piece before we moved on to more important stuff.

One more lick of the sugar coated fingers and we were back on mom's schedule.

I don't know how I got her to do this one since little kids usually don't like sitting but she actually kicked back for a minute while I talked away to her.

Then we decided to go look for the cows and their calves.

Here's a few!

Sophi works hard on the fence.

Time to check the gates to make sure they are tightly closed.  We don't want Daisy to get out.

Okay so I wanted to keep taking pictures but "someone" was not happy about that, so I had to use my arsenal again, candy!

See the candy worked! This shot looks like she practiced for days. What a good little girl my Sophi is.

One last shot at the wood splitting area.  No she didn't split wood but she did find a little treasure, a little wood chip she had to show me.

We had a good day.

When we got home I brushed her teeth!


cari said...

Oh DeEtte...I just want to squeeze on her!! She is gorgeous!! Great pictures!!

rmg said...

Priceless!!! Love her!

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