Monday, March 28, 2011

Wedding at Sanctuary

In the land outside of the ranch a glorious thing happened,
a wedding, where two perfectly matched people joined families and started their new lives together.

Vic's cousin married her true love.

This is how it went....only a glimpse.

My three beautys...I know, I'm partial, but they are so darn cute!

Vic and I

He made me put this photo in, under protest!

Auntie to me, mother-of-the-bride, world's best grandma especially to this angel baby. 

Uncle to me, father-of-the-bride, and world's best grandpa.

The beautiful wedding couple.

On the golf coarse in Scottsdale, Arizona...breathtaking.

Grandmas and Grandpa keeping the kiddos in their seats.

Father-of-the-bride trying to hold the tears back.

Champagne toast for the groom and bride, celebrating their new reunion, or to ward off the jitters before the vows.


The groom's son inconspicuously crawls over to his daddy.

"No one's looking, are they?"

"Who is that crazy girl taking pictures of me, I'm trying not to get noticed!"

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs.

New beginnings...


Just a peek of the wedding party's table.

New brothers, the joys of life, getting to grow up together and share what life has to offer.

My undeniably cute nephew who stopped for a millisecond to let me capture his adorable face.

World's next...Top Models, my twin nieces.

My brother and his gorgeous family.

My niece and my girls, two of them anyways.

One of The Real Housewives of Peoria, Season 1, Bravo TV.

My gorgeous sister-in-law.

The Real Housewife's husband...


We are all Making Moves

My brother-in-law.

My niece who will one day be a superstar volleyball player in college.

Vic's uncle (aka brother) and gorgeous family!

Vic's mom and dad.

The retired...Real Housewife of Peoria, Arizona.

The end of a beautiful day.

Now get me back to the ranch!

So I can finish this bottle under a tree with Vic!


cari said...

So awesome DeEtte...Love love the picture of Lou Lou and Ron!! :0

Two hit wonder Mom said...

EEekkkk!! You made my morning!! So glad there are real people out there reading my sorry little blog. You never know with all the Robots going around in cyber space!! Your blog is very chic, and your pictures are awesome!! Oh, and raining and cold here in Kansas. Haven't seen the sun in 4 or 5 days, please send some of your beautiful susnshine this way. :)

backcountrybelle said...

Thank you! We are the sunshine state, that's why everyone and their brother is moving here. Looking forward to seeing what Kansas is all about!

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