Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Lock of Hair

Taking the kids to get a haircut is usually a long process that I don't look forward to fitting into our busy schedules. Today was kind of exciting for the girls because I took them to a new hair-cutter that is an hour closer to our usual place. 

I enjoyed sitting back, watching, and listening to each of my girls talk to the stylist about life, school, boys, upcoming prom, and about their overprotective mom. (Who me?) It was nice to be a "fly on the wall" in my relax mode.

The stylist was asking Hailey if I was too overprotective and restrictive. (Mmmm what do you think a 16 year old is going to say?) Well, she basically through me under the bus and blurted out without hesitation how I don't like her hang out with boys, date, or go anywhere and do anything! 

I guess I'm a mean mom.

I tried to uncoil my wrenched stomach and regain my internal composure so that I could retort back, in my defense, with something that sounded very intellectual and well thought out.  All that came out of my mouth, after I picked my jaw off of the floor, was, "I do not!"

Not so profound.

Then Megan piped in agreeing with her sister and ultimately ganged up on me! How dare they! Just wait until they have kids themselves.

The stylist broke up the moment we were having and said "Hailey how would you like having a piece or couple of pieces of hair dyed HOT PINK? The first thing that popped into my head was the memory of my high school days when my friends did the same thing.  Hailey didn't seem too excited at first and was very reluctant.  I thought it was a great idea; something new and fun. 

Hailey couldn't believe, I, the one who doesn't let her do anything, would allow her to color her hair HOT PINK or any other color in the rainbow.

I liked the idea and said go for it!

This is how it went...

Hails doesn't like a single photo taken, I was lucky to get what I got.

Hot pink tresses. Only a couple strands.

I kept shooting pictures as long as she would let me.

My girls are growing up. It makes me sad and happy....sappy.

Luckily I have a two year old to keep the butterfly kisses, hugs and comments like "Mommy hold you" alive in our house.

There she is, as happy as a two year can be, dancing in the middle of the hair cutting shop with no shoes, sunglasses on and pretzels in her hand.

Life is good.

Couldn't get her to give me an after-shot with her new do. 

The pink is nice, subtle, mom approved.

It's Megan's turn! She will allow some pictures.

I missed the application shot of the HOT PINK color.

Same color as Hailey's but left on longer to compensate for her dark hair.

Looks a bit red in the picture but it's pink.

Turned out cute. No time for an "after-shot" as we had to head out for volleyball practice.

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