Monday, March 7, 2011

A Good Mother

What is a good mother, exactly?

In a nutshell, I would say it's one who cares for and loves her little ones but also takes a little time for herself to relax and rejuvenate.  Caring for ones self gives the body the "umphf" it needs to go on throughout the rest of the day.

I guess that's what makes Daisy such a good mother.  She knows how to rejuvenate. 

This is how it went.....

Vic, Sophi, and I went down to the pasture to find Daisy and Daisy-May to see how mother and daughter were getting along.  I figured Daisy would be grazing and looking after her new calf, which is the normal activity of a mother cow. 

That's not exactly what we found.

Daisy was rejuvinating, just taking some time to herself and resting those weary legs....and nursing while laying down!

NOT too often you see a calf suckling from her mother who's laying down! 

This job is usually done while standing.

This is another odd sight.  

You don't normally see a cow resting on the ground with her baby calf nursing on one end and a human petting its head on the other!

Daisy May mustered up some bravery and moved in a little bit closer to see who was scratching her mama.

That all changed when I couldn't stand not touching Daisy.  I set the camera down for a few minutes to give Daisy some scratching behind her ear myself, but Daisy May didn't like two of us so close to her mama. 

Off she ran and kept her distance while we were around.  Smart baby.

I'm loving those knobby knees.

One day soon I will get her to come up to me.  I promise.

For now, I will enjoy her cuteness. 

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