Thursday, March 24, 2011

Creatures in the Greenhouse

Today was a frustrating day in the Greenhouse.

When I went inside, I noticed my jalapeño plant looked like the leaves were moving, not from the wind, but from some creepy looking creatures.  The whole plant was over taken and looked pretty bad.

Before ripping the plant out so the bugs wouldn't find their way to the other side of the greenhouse and munch away, I decided to call Arbico Organics in Tucson, to see what they recommended.  They sell good bugs like lady bugs, flying insects, and organic insecticides.  They were really great and suggested I talk to their Master Gardener tomorrow to give me suggestions on not only the greenhouse problems but also with an up and coming corn crop that we want to avoid having pesky pest problems with.

In the meantime, Sophia and I decided to go down to the alfalfa field and look for lady-bugs.  We captured a small handful and brought them to feast on my weary jalapeño plant.


Even worse! Eeew!

Sophi loved looking for the lady bugs, it was like a treasure hunt.

Eat away!

Anyone who gardens can appreciate the difficulty of keeping the plants healthy while doing it organically. Will let you know how this turns out.

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