Thursday, February 24, 2011


Yesterday afternoon, Kiko, one our cowboys, was working the Ranch checking fences and irrigation ditches when he came upon a clogged water pipe.  While making the repair he walked the 40 foot length of the pipe to check the other end leaving his tools and Ranger behind.  He heard the crackling of brush and sticks behind him, not thinking it was anything more than one of our cows, he ignored it.  Moments later, out of the corner of his eye, he saw the steam from the breath of two mountain lions who were staring him down.  The fear sent shivers down his back but the adrenaline kicked in as he made his mind up on what he would do next.  If he ran to the Ranger it would bring on a chase and he knew he couldn't outrun two lions.  He stood up slowly keeping a sharp eye on them.  They didn't move; just stared him down.  He could feel his heart pounding through is chest while his mind was racing on thoughts of their enormous size and power but he was able to take slow steps backwards toward the ranger.  What seemed like an hour only took minutes until he was close enough to run the last few yards to the Ranger.  When he started the engine it startled the lions and they took off running up the  mountain through the rocky terrain. He watched them until they reached the top and disappeared into the horizon. 

This is a great time of the year for lions as they have easy kill with new calves being born everyday. Word quickly spread to the neighboring ranches about the lion sighting and the next morning the tracking began.

Cowboys, Horses, and Hounds were in abundance this morning.

Hound dogs picking up the mountain lion scent.

 Horses were trailered in, they are ready to go.
 Hound dog ready to hunt

 Cowboys following the dogs to the area where the lions were.

 One of the dogs picking up the scent where the lions left fresh poop.

Checking out more lion poop!
I took a picture of the poop but I thought it might be too gross to post with these beautiful pictures.

 Most of the dogs had tracking collars on.

 Hound Dogs everywhere!
Really awesome to see them work. 

 Half of them have the scent.

The other half is still working on it.

 My cowboy,Chris, holding Sophi, still in her PJs. No time to change!

The cowboys watched as the dogs scattered through the terrain finding the scent.

 The dogs have the scent and the cowboys go get their horses.

 Up the road they went and in seconds you could no longer see them but the howls were loud and clear.

The cowboys follow the dogs.

 "Papa" watches the dogs and the cowboys up in the mountains.

No one will take Papa's gloves...they're marked!

Both of them!

 Hound kennels on one of the cowboy's trailers.

 The cowboys had rough terrain to go through to find the dogs.

They made it to the top and back down the other side. Now we wait to see what they find.

Will let ya know!


cari said...

Again, DeEtte, gorgeous pictures!!!! How exciting :-)

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