Monday, February 28, 2011

Fresh Start in the Greenhouse

It's that time of the year when new beginnings need to happen.
That's where the greenhouse fits in with this concept.

The greenhouse, aka Growing Dome, at the Ranch is in need of some serious cleaning up, new dirt, new seeds, new everything.  I have neglected it during the past winter months and shouldn't have but it was too cold outside. 
Now I have a lot more work on my hands than I should. 

I began by ripping and tearing everything out that was dead or almost dead including my beloved tomato plant that was pretty much gone.  I left three jalapeno plants and two pepper plants that yield more than we can reasonably eat. It's great to have them produce to much rather too little, or in some cases none at all.

I had a little help with the greenhouse makeover, thank goodness!

This is how it went....

These jalapenos and peppers will be much happier made into salsa!

Okay, so I had a little help with this redo. There's nothing wrong with help, especially from two cowboys that are much stronger than I. 

Plus they can use bigger tools than I.

 This is the greenhouse, the backhoe filled with the new dirt, and the Ranger filled with supplies.  We brought in rich dirt from another part of the ranch and mixed it with cow manure and sand.
This is the center planter where we broke up the old dirt, fixed any broken water lines and prepped for the new dirt mixture.

 New dirt going in with Sophia watching in the background. Hopefully she can do this when she grows up.

  This bucket of water contains cut-off branches from cottonwood trees as a trial to see if they will bud and later be transplanted into the ground. 

Once we get the place in order I will get more pictures, it's kind of sad looking right now.
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