Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Surprise Shot

We went out in the Ranger to take a look at the cows to see which ones might have had calves during the day while we were gone.

No new calves today.

I happened to get lucky on the following shots.

Somewhere in the thick brush 

laid a beautiful calf....

the mother was off 100 yards or so.  I crept in the bushes to get a good look.

No sudden movements by either of us.  I could hear her breathing as I took each step closer and closer.

She was comfortable with me there, just steps away from her.

I didn't want to press my luck any further. As I walked around the side of her she became noticeably conscience of me.  One last shot and I slowly walked away.  She never moved, until her momma saw me coming out of the bushes. She began calling her with the loudest roaring moo you ever heard. 


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