Friday, January 14, 2011

Jack & King Go For A Ride

Today was the day that all others thought to themselves... 
"Whew I'm glad that's not me!"

Our dogs, Jack & King, went for a ride,

in the car...

 they don't like going places unless...

it's in the back of a Polaris Ranger where their ears

can flap in the wind.

Poor Boys.

Here's how it went.

First, King got a therapeutic massage, with a vacuum.

Actually I was trying to cut down on HAIR in my car!
Sophia was so helpful.

I lined the back with armor....I don't like HAIR.

Then I got them loaded. Jack can't jump anymore so he got a lift. King wouldn't let me fix his cozy pad so he could sink right in. He didn't budge.

Getting into the building was the tricky part. It was a three ring circus with the dogs frantic when their feet hit the ground and it wasn't at home. They intertwined their leashes, tripped me, circled around Sophia to where she began to cry from the leashes circling around her tiny waist, and dragged us all the way to the door.  The lady who had just left the building waited in the driveway while all this was going on and chimes out of her car window "looks like you got your hands full." Really? I just smiled.

Finally, after a 50 minute wait, the dogs were settled but the two year old (Sophia) was antsy. We read every brochure in the wall rack, said hi to each cat and dog in the pictures, and counted everything in sight!

That all changed when the doctor came in, the two year old became silent and the "boys" became anxious again.

Jack didn't take it like a man.  He was not happy with me for allowing two guys to manhandle him.  He winced and  whined and would NOT look at me for the rest of the visit.

As for King, he was a real man, he hid under the chairs and pretended we couldn't see him.

This looks worse than it was.  
The doctor was very gentle while he explained to Jack what was going to happen next.  Jack leaned back and said, "Oh you think so huh." 

PLEASE don't make me.

At the end of the visit...
 the "boys" are fine
they received all of their shots
renewed their licenses
refilled their prescriptions
and I walked away with $400.00 less!

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