Friday, January 21, 2011

Grandma's Birthday

Sophia and I are celebrating Grandma Judie's Birthday!

While I was getting ready, putting my make-up on, I asked Sophia to throw away my old mascara bottle.  I made sure the lid was as tight as I could get it so she couldn't open it while walking 10 steps to the trash can.

After I handed it to her, she looked at it intensely, turning it round and round, even tried to open it, but ultimately she threw it in the can and smiled at me.  

Sometime between the time I finished my make-up and turned on the hair dryer She must have thought to herself that it would be really cool to hold that mascara bottle one more time...while mom is not looking.

When she was done putting on her make up, she walked up to me and said "Mom look, make up!"

SOPHIA.... what have you done???

My eyes mommy.

I couldn't keep a stern face, I had to laugh 'til my stomach hurt.

I'm glad she didn't get it on her eyelashes or in her eyes!

After cleaning her up, off we went to take Grandma to lunch at Olive Garden.

We like their soup and salad.

Happy Birthday Mom.

We promised desert...but we had to...its a birthday after all!

We all shared Grandma's Apple Crumb Pie and vanilla ice cream with drizzled with caramel happiness.



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